These Are the Required Conditions for Joining the Republican Guard Ranks

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icon-writer By: Nouara Bachouche /*/ English Version: Med.B.

The Republican Guard, which is part of the National Ministry of Defense, is planning to hike the recruitment rate this year and has set conditions for those who want to join its various ranks as officers and non-commissioned officers and contractors.

Regarding the ins and outs of this projected recruitment plan, which were secured by “Echorouk”, through the guided visit organized for the benefit of the national media by the Republican Guard Leadership at the headquarters of the first regiment of the Kalitous patrols on the eastern outskirts of Algiers, the recruits in the specialty of music will have to follow the relevant training sessions provided by the professional training center of the Republican Guard in the military music and will thus receive a military career certificate.
For their part, the recruits seeking enrolment within the ranks of the cavalry corps will undergo a sustained training extended by the Experimental Center of the Republican Guard. This training will be crowned by the allotment of a professional military certificate No. 2 in this specialty.
Furthermore, recruits vying for joining the infantry corps will receive a thorough training, and will be attributed a No. 2 certificate in the relevant field of endeavor, and the students seeking to become non-commissioned officers are allowed to pursue other disciplines.
Recruits striving to become commanders, drivers, and combat trainers will have to follow an in-depth professional training at the Republican Guard training center, thereby assigning them the duties of protecting sensitive areas and official residences.
The recruits are also subject to the specialization of motorcycles, in coordination with the official processions.
In terms of enrollment, the head of the School's Training Center, Colonel Cherif Moulay Mohamed Amine, confirmed that the Higher School organizes a national campaign every year for the recruitment of youngsters aged 18 to 21 years who are baccalaureate holders for the rank of officers, and also enrolls those aged 18  between 23 years having the third secondary school level for the rank of noncommissioned officers.
The Head of the first Regiment of the Republican Guard, Colonel Moussa Halassa, for his part indicated on the spot to “Echorouk” that his services are authorized to present the official ceremonies of the President of the Republic, as well as those devoted to the visiting foreign presidents and kings, as well as the official ministerial delegations coming to Algeria, while participating in various official events, festivals as well as  national and international celebrations.

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