Illegal Immigrants' Families: "Our Children Are Detained In Tunisia"

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icon-writer Amal Ramdani/English version: Dalila Henache

Over 30 families from Annaba (eastern Algeria) traveled, on Wednesday morning to the Tunisian capital, specifically to the office of the Algerian General Consul in charge of illegal immigration file, Mr. Mohamed Zouaoui, to inquire about the developments of this file, which includes personal information of 71 illegal immigrants, who are mostly from Annaba, who tried to reach the other side of the Mediterranean sea illegally, but their hopes failed and they are now missing.

This file, which was deposited about 14 months ago, remained, according to the families of the victims, locked in the drawers, and was not considered at all, or even moved by the General Consul of Algeria in Tunis, as they confirmed to Echorouk that they were received, on Tuesday, by the official in charge of illegal immigration file, and he asserted that the consular authorities had no correspondence with their Tunisian counterpart, and did not get any information about them, which surprised the victims' families.
For his part, Houssni Bin Youcef al-Mar'i, who is a lawyer's office assistant, which is charged with the Algerian illegal immigration file, handed over documents to Echorouk newspaper, as an evidence and proof that the missing illegal immigrants are still alive and that they are placed in Tunisian prisons, including the testimonies of security, military and Tunisian figures who confirm that dozens of illegal immigrants were arrested in the Tunisia waters, and they also managed to identify the prisons in which they are held, such as the prison of Al-Marngieh and Bordj Al-Roumi in Bizerte, and Bordj Al-Ameri and Nador.
In the same context, Bassam Tarifi, Vice President of the Tunisian League for the Defense of Human Rights, said that he received an immediate instruction from the Swiss High Commissioner for Human Rights urging them to expedite the opening of an investigation into the illegal immigrants' case, after all these facts and evidence were available, especially since the Tunisian branch of Amnesty International received 14 birth certificates and personal pictures of young missing people in Tunisia last November.
Tunisian League for the Defense of Human Rights handed over a list of 14 illegal immigrants who emigrated on November,23, 2016, who were arrested in the Tunisian waters, then the number of missing youth From February to November 2016, reached about 71 illegal immigrants, who were charged with belonging to terrorist groups or entering the Tunisian territory stealthily.
The case of the Algerian illegal immigrants who are detained by the Tunisian authorities remains in the hands of the senior authorities, headed by the Foreign Affairs Ministry, which is asked by the families of these young people to move diplomatically to accelerate the release of dozens of Algerians whose presence in Tunisia is recognized by the Tunisian authorities.
In the same context, some 20 illegal immigrants from Annaba province (eastern Algeria) are detained in the Italian city of Sicily and they organized a protest inside the detention center, demanding the intervention of the Algerian authorities, to enable them to return to homeland, and a representative of Algerian diplomacy moved to the detention center, and spoke to the arrested youth there, then asserted that diplomacy will take their demand into consideration.

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