French Presidential Candidates Include Algeria In Every Speech

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icon-writer Mohamed Moslem/English version: Dalila Henache

French colonial past in Algeria is still controversial at the height of the campaign on the northern bank of the Mediterranean, about a week before the first round of the French Presidential Elections, as this controversy spread to French politicians and even to the candidates who are not elected.

Most likely candidate to win the Elysee Palace race, Emmanuel Macaron, and after the dramatic statements he made during his visit to Algeria, where he described the French colonialism of Algeria as a "war crime and a crime against humanity", he reiterated his anti-colonial stance, even if he made some amendments, but he did not come out from the context of the previous statement.
Macron asserted that he does not mind invoking the colonial past of his country in Algeria, which leads to the crystallization of a position that helps to build a "peaceful and stable future" for the Algerian-French relations, and this will happen, he said, only by "looking without complexity into our history and taking responsibility for facts of memory as they are", a statement which he made in an interview with the Jeune Afrique magazine on Saturday.
French Former Economy Minister considers Algeria an "important partner", in an initiative project on the Mediterranean, which he is preparing to launch if he will win the presidential race, and this may be behind his attempt to liquidate the legacy of the colonial past of his country, so as not to stand in the way of his political projects later.
The other candidate for the French presidential race, Francois Asselineau, of the Republican People's Union, was involved in the debate about the past colonialism of his country in Algeria, considering that the 132 years in which Algeria lived under the control of colonial France, has seen "abhorrent actions", which is the least ugly description of the practices of the French army in that period, according to Asselineau.

However, the candidate of the Republican People's Union avoided using words similar to those of his rival, Emmanuel Macron, because the man tried to hold the stick from the middle, when he rejected the description of colonialism as a "crime against humanity" so as not to face the anger of Pieds-Noirs, as he said, but in contrast he condemned the colonial phenomenon, so as not to anger the Algerian side, because he intends to build strong relations that are based on equality between Algeria and Paris in case of winning the race towards the Elysee Palace, and this requires looking positively towards the future.
It seems that the colonial past of France and the tragedies which it made, has become a burden on many politicians, which explains why do they seek to get rid of them, including the MP Yannick Jadot, from the party of ecologists (Greens), who supports the socialist candidate Benoit Hamon, who said that his country is dealing with the colonial past of his country in Algeria, as if it is a closed file (taboo) that makes it unable to turn over this page, despite the fact that more than half a century has elapsed since it left its North African colony.

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