Pt Bouteflika: “We Must Adhere to Ibn Badis Approach and Steer Clear Of Hydrocarbons’ Dependency

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icon-writer By: Hassan. M. /*/ English Version: Med.B.

President Abdelaziz Bouteflika called for adherence to the reformist spirit and the middle-of the road approach left behind by the late eminent Algerian religious scholar Abdelhamid Ibn Badis. He said: "The medium shield protects our Muslim people from strange and extremist ideas and notions.

The head of state also underlined in another context the need for the country to achieve freedom from dependence on hydrocarbons and foster seriously an economic diversification.
In a message marking Yaoum El Ilm (Day of Knowledge) celebrated every year on 16 April, read out on his behalf by the adviser of the Presidency of the Republic, Mohamed Ali Boughazi, the head of State  brought out the high qualities of Cheikh Abdelhamid Ben Badis, saying his "extensive knowledge of religious and life issues, his opening to the culture of his era, his gender equality approach and his vigorous defense of national identity earned him the status of a universal man and a reformer par excellence."
The head of State underlined the late scholar's "ruthless fight against bid'ah (negative innovations and heresies), sanctimoniousness, fanaticism, superstition and other similar scourges.
The President of the Republic emphasized the importance to get committed to Sheikh's reforming approach and his "middle way."
President Abdelaziz Bouteflika also pointed out that God Almighty has driven the Algerians onto the path of harmony and reconciliation, which allowed the blossoming of the blessings of peace and stability and the return of construction and edification in Algeria.
The President of the Republic further urged the scholars, intellectuals, writers and imams of Algeria to foster the culture of moderation and to carry on the torch of Cheikh Abdelhamid Ibn Badis and highlight the centrality of the Islamic religion, which is, he said, the religion of love, peace and humanism.
"We are talking about salutary reform as we are now living in difficult financial conditions due to the scathing slump of oil prices on the international markets. We must be inspired by the wise vision of noble scholar Cheikh Abdelhamid Ibn Badis, a vision that allowed our valiant ancestors to liberate Algeria from the harsh colonial yoke and to mobilize our will to be free and sovereign”, he underscored.

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