Sonatrach-Saipem Scandal: Justice Tightens Procedures

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icon-writer Hassen Houicha/English version: Dalila Henache

Judicial procedures are tightened on Sonatrach and the Italian company Saipem at four international arbitration cases, which will run until the beginning of 2020, as the Algerian party is claiming for damages that amounted to 2.6 billion euros, while the Italian company said that Sonatrach has to pay 1.7 billion euros.

According to the annual report of 2016 for Saipem company, which copy is available to Echorouk, the Italian company adheres to the four arbitration cases which it filed against Sonatrach in the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris (ICC), which is involved in judicial investigations of the $ 200 million bribe.
International arbitration in the gas field project "Menzel Ledjmet" in Hassi Messaoud and the LPG project in Hassi Messaoud, the LZ 2, the LNG project in Arziew, where Saipem claims an estimated 1.7 million euros for unpaid bills, and change in prices and the value of dinar exchange.
According to the same report, the meetings of the first chapter of these conflicts will be a project for Menzel Ledjmet, Eastern Hassi Messaoud on June 15 and 16, with the announcement of the decision of the Chamber by the end of December 2017.
LGB project in Hassi Messaoud is also expected to release by the Paris Chamber after its decision at the end of 2017.
LZD project will not be closed until December 2018, according to the same document.
In contrast, the GNL3 project will be delayed by Arziew (western Algeria), until the end of December 2019, according to the same document after the first session of final decision at the end of 2018.
National Oil Company did not back down from any of the four requests for compensation that was paid by Saipem through Farid Bedjaoui company, which is known as Pearl Partners.
Amount of compensation that is required by Sonatrach for potential bribes reaches 181 million euros, and is distributed as 61 million euros for a house project for Ladjmat Chark, and 34.5 million euros for the LPG project of Hassi Masoud, and 8.5 million euros for the project of LZ2, and 77.37 million euros for the project of GNL3Z in Arziew (western Algeria).
Paris Chamber renewed the acceptance of Sonatrach's request for compensation of 34.5 million euros, which is equal to the value of bribes of LPG project in Hassi Messaoud, which was paid through the company of Farid Bedjaoui, according to the same document, because the Algerian company paid late, while the remaining orders are relating to the other three projects.

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