Thirty Million Euros Worth of Gold Smuggled From Italy To Algeria Via Marseille

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icon-writer By : Hassan Houicha /*/ English Version : Med.B.

Italian police services in the central city of Arezzo dismantled an international smuggling network to Algeria, comprising Algerian and Italian nationals, and found that the latter had smuggled gold into Algeria through the port of Algiers, worth about 30 million Euros, or more than 340 billion centimes (DA).

In the details, the Nation newspaper reported that the Italian police remanded an Algerian national in provisional custody pending the completion of the investigation now underway in the city of Arezzo. 

The suspect was  carrying a French passport in the name of Ahmad Adam Djijli. House arrest was also imposed on his accomplice, Italian Alessandro Recarelli, on charges of illegally selling gold on the black market and smuggling it into Algeria via Marseille (southern France).

According to preliminary investigations, gold was bought without bills in the world-renowned Italian gold capital city of Arezzo. So, loads of  jewelry, including bracelets and earrings, were handed over to the Algerian holder of the French passport who used a private car to transport the smuggled gold to the port of Marseille and then to Algeria.

Italian security services did not reveal how Ahmed Adam Djijli illegally introduced the gold to Algeria, but pointed out that the latter  made about 50 trips between Algeria and Marseille in 2016, and sometimes he made two trips per week, explaining that with regard to the trip to Algeria, the value of the smuggled gold was estimated at half a million Euros.

Initial investigations revealed that the arrested network members were each time introducing  15 kilograms of jewellry to Algeria via the port of Marseille, explaining that the preliminary estimates of the value of the smuggled gold reached up to 30 million Euros, and its amount was set at around 750 kg.

According to preliminary investigations, part of the smuggled gold that entered Algeria was later to be funnelled to Dubai (UAE) without giving details.

As a recall, Algeria has taken a decision to ban the import of Italian gold since the summer of 2014, causing losses and a decline in the activity of gold manufacturers in the city of Arezzo, and this burning file was on the agenda  of the bilateral high-level summit between the two countries in May 2015 in Rome, which then brought together PM Sellal and his Italian opposite number Matteo Renzi.

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