Raouraoua Obtains New Term In UAFA Executive Office Membership In Cairo

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icon-writer Hossine.K/English version: Dalila Henache

Former head of the Algerian Football Federation, Mohamed Raouraoua gains a new term in the membership of the Executive Office of the Arab Football Federation, in the General Assembly election that took place Friday in Cairo, so only a few hours before the draw for the Arab Championship for clubs in its new form.

Raouraoua, who was Vice-president of the Arab Football Federation that is led by Saudi Prince Turki Bin Khaled, gained a new confidence from his Arab brothers. He is not excluded from continuing to serve as vice-president of the federation because of the vast experience he enjoys in the field of management in continental and international football bodies, as he has already served as the Executive Office of both FIFA and CAF.

The desire of Mohamed Raouraoua to stay close to the lights, although at the Arab level, which was, of course, the license of the new president and his successor in the FAF, Khaireddine Zatchi, this refers to several indicators, namely that the withdrawal of Rouraoua from the FAF under the pressure of the Minister Hadi Ould Ali, will not be final, as Haj Raouoroua may return to the local football after 4 years, as he did in previous times, when he withdrew in 2006 and returned in 2009.

The new executive office of the Arab Football Federation, in addition to AFF head, Prince Turki Bin Khaled and Mohamed Raouraoua, is represented by the head of the Egyptian Football Federation, Hany Abourida, Abdelkhalek Masoud, Hamid Al Sheibani, Qassem Al Shakaili, and the head of the Tunisian Football Confederation Wadie Al Jerai and Mu'tassem Jafar and Ghanem Ali and the Palestinian Jibril Rajoub and Samar Nassar.

It is known that the head of the Palestinian Football Federation, Jibril Rajoub, won the seat of membership without running the elections, as stipulated by the regulations of the Arab Union, which calls for the presence of Palestine in the formation of the executive office of the Arab Union.

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