Algerian Immigrants To Carry 10.000 Euros, Benefit From Housing Projects, MP Belmedah Says

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icon-writer Hassen Houicha/English version: Dalila Henache

MP Noureddine Belmedah won a seat to represent the Algerian community in the fourth region (Europe apart from France and the American continent) to slap the party that he removed from the list and presented his file from the National Republican Alliance.

In an interview with Echorouk, the MP Belmdah said he won first place in many countries, such as Spain, Italy, Romania, Russia, the United States, the Netherlands, Ireland, Cuba, Argentina, Brazil, the United Kingdom and Germany.

Belmedah said his priority in the new term is to implement the program that he presented in the election campaign for immigrants such as opening new flights and sea routes and reducing ticket prices for low-income families.

"I will resubmit the housing file for immigrants and the opening of Algerian banking branches abroad. I will submit a proposal to allow the entry of funds to and from Algeria for the members of the Algerian community in the range of $10.000 or 10.000 euros. Especially the file of housing for immigrants and banks".

He described what happened to him after he was excluded from running in FLN ranks, as a destiny, explaining that the FLN party sections in the fourth region (Europe except France and the Americas) were active in his campaign. 

"FLN sections led activities for me and the rest of the community members noticed the continuing contact with them and the serious work to solve the problems of the community at homeland and abroad during my past term".

Previously, the MP Belmedah was surprised when he was exclude from running in the FLN ranks although he is a member of the Central Committee and Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee during the term of the office of the National People's Assembly, despite he was chosen by Algerian Facebookers as one of the most active MPs during the past term.

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