Messahel: “We Don’t look For Glory In Libya”

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The Minister of Maghreb Affairs, the African Union and the Arab League, Abdelkader Messahel, said on Sunday that his visit to the Libyan south, criticized by the House of Representatives' defense committee in Tobruk, is not a search for glory or an interference in the internal affairs of this brotherly neighboring country.

"It was our responsibility as neighboring countries to visit our Libyan brothers as they all visited Algeria in the past few months, including Mr. Akila Saleh, Speaker of the Libyan Parliament, Mr. Abderrahmane Al-Suweihli, Chairman of the Supreme Council of State, and Marshal Khalifa Hafter, Commander of the Libyan Army and even southern-based tribal chiefs and Libyan parliamentarians," Mr Messahel asserted.

He flatly denied that his previous visits to the Libyan south or areas in the east and west of the country had interfered in the internal affairs of Libya.

"We in Algeria have sacred principles whereby we do not accept any interference in anyone's affairs or vice versa. But if it comes to a neighboring country, we are at the service of peace and brotherhood and we are not seeking glory," Mr Messahel underscored.

The Minister responded indirectly to a statement issued on Sunday by the House of Representatives’ Defense Committee based in Tobruk, which is affiliated with the wing of Marshal Khalifa Hafter, and which branded Mr Messahel’s visit "as a violation of the sovereignty of the Libyan state".

Such a committee argued that "the entry of the Algerian Foreign Minister in Libya and his recent tour of the southern Libyan cities, without prior permission as if he was touring a province or provinces of Algeria itself, and his meetings with some Libyan personalities there still carry hostility and hatred towards the Libyans."

"The visit of the Algerian minister was coordinated in advance with the Libyan authorities and came  as part of the series of visits undertaken by Mr Messahel to Libya, stressing that such a tour was meant to play an important role for the stability of the country," a member of the Lower House of Parliament, Mr Ibrahim Kranfoda, told for his part Anatolia news agency.

According to this MP, "the statement by the Tobruk-based parliamentary Defense Committee does not represent the opinion of the Committee as a whole, but that of the Committee’s chairman only and thereby he urged the latter to withdraw the statement, because such statements, he said, are individual as they seek to divide the Libyans and fuel tensions, at a time when we desperately need retrieved national cohesion and unity”, as he put it.

Mr Ibrahim Kranfoda thus called on the Speaker of the House of Representatives to clarify what happened and to offer an apology to the south.

Meanwhile, Algeria is hosting the 11th session of Libya's neighbors’ meeting on Monday (May 8th) to discuss the latest developments in the country and its impact on the surrounding countries.

The head of the presidential council of the National Reconciliation Government of Libya Mr Fayez Al Sarraj is slated to pay on Tuesday a working visit to Algeria in the framework of permanent consultations between Algeria and Libya in order to thrash out a lasting and viable political solution to the Libyan crisis, according to a statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Algiers.

The statement said that "Mr. Al-Sarraj will confer on the occasion with Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal on the situation now prevailing in troubled Libya and the recent developments unfolding in this burning file".

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