Men Claim Being Associated To ISIS To Extort A Businessman

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icon-writer Walid.A/English version: Dalila Henache

A businessman who lives in the eastern suburb of the capital Algiers was subjected to a serious blackmailing operation, as he received threats to liquidate him and his family in case of non-payment of money.

Blackmailers claimed that they belong to the battalion of Jund al-Caliphate, which encourages ISIS terrorist acts.

Sources claimed that the victim received two letters at different times in which they asked him to "pay or to be subject to physical liquidation". They threatened to kill his family members if he refused to pay the money.

The victim, his family and neighbors, were in a state of panic and great pressure.

According to preliminary data on the case, the hypothesis that terrorist elements were behind the threat messages was ruled out, especially since the words that are contained in the letters are far from ISIS known data. 

The second hypothesis is that the Jund al-Khilafah battalion that supported ISIS does not exist, especially after the security services eliminated the Emir Abdulmal Quri at the end of December 2014 in Boumerdes (eastern Algiers), and the investigations of the competent services confirms that all recruitment operations that were in favor of ISIS was completed by moving the "tricked recruited" abroad, especially to Syria, which proves the absence of ISIS elements In the capital and its suburbs.

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