What will happen after Macron’s triumph?

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icon-writer By: muhammed moslem / English Version: M.A.

Candidate Emmanuel Macron’s victory in the French presidential elections turned his commitment to Algeria into a necessity. This comes as he had made promises on a previous visit to Algiers.

The Algerian authorities did not miss the opportunity of Macron’s election to remind him of his position about the colonization past.

President Abdelaziz Bouteflika’s congratulations to Macron embodied codes and direct messages.

“As part of your impressive journey to achieve your national goal, your political courage and incomparable human faithfulness to unforgivable colonization are added to the common history of our countries. Your pioneer position shows your conviction in achieving a real reconciliation between our two nations as part of the respect of people’s values,” said President Bouteflika in his congratulations letter.

Earlier in February, Macron visited Algeria ahead of the French presidential elections. He was received by Algerian senior officials. He raised a controversy through his remarks.

Macron said colonization is part of France’s history and it is a crime against humanity. He promised to apologize to Algeria if elected.

His remarks were criticized by the pieds-noirs and Harkis who have a big influence among right wing parties. They filed a lawsuit against him.

Algerian officials did not show interest to those remarks. Most of them believed that the French candidate wanted to gain support from Algerians living in France.

Will Macron keep his promises after becoming the new guest of the Elysee Palace.

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