Algeria Ambassador To Brussels Embarrasses Morocco

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icon-writer Imane.A/English version: Dalila Henache

Activity of the Algeria Ambassador to Brussels, Ammar Belani, left a confusion for Morocco, as his interventions on the right of the Saharawi people to self-determination have recently disturbed Rabat.

Moroccan media claimed that the intensive moves of Algeria and South Africa in what the EU, African Union and United Nations' side scene described this activity as an attempt "to destabilize the kingdom".

Moroccan newspaper Al-Sabah said in an article that was published, on Tuesday, that the ambassador of Algeria to Brussels "worked to coordinate operations of a plan to strike the stability of Morocco by providing political and logistical support for a hostile propaganda, that said the situation in Morocco is close to the explosion."

Same newspaper claimed that "the plan, which roles are divided between Algeria in the European Union and South Africa in the African Union and within the United Nations, is intended to respond to Security Council Resolution 2351, by promoting false data on the internal situation, especially what is related to freedom of speech, wealth sharing and the spread of separatist demands to the north of the kingdom."

In an apparent annoyance from the diplomatic work of the Algerian ambassador to Brussels, the newspaper added:  "Algerian ambassador has stepped up his media statements with the aim of striking Morocco by influencing the decisions of the European Union, Africa and the United Nations, to obstruct the Kingdom's efforts to find a peaceful solution to this conflict".

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