Projected Recruitment Hike In Ranks of The Nation's Female Cadets Next Season

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icon-writer By: Nouara Bachouche/ English Version: Med.B

The Ministry of National Defense has decided to scale up the recruitment rate for girls to enter the nation's cadet schools at the start of the next academic year.

 The number of female cadets will thus be increased fourfold, by 400 percent, and the hopeful students will be selected after the relevant contest slated for next August 2017. 

In this connection, Major General Chérif Zerad explained in a radio statement on Tuesday that at the initiative of the Ministry of National Defense,  the Directorate of the Schools of the Nation's Cadets, after the announcement of the results of this year’s  exam for the intermediate education certificate, will open the doors to recruit in the first place, 100 female cadets  in the school of the nation's cadets of Blida, 100 others in the school of Sétif and another 60 girls in the school of Oran, that is a total of 260 girls.

He added  that the initial experience of such recruitment in this second phase will be expanded to include all phases in the future, according to the principle of strict parity between male and female students as duly approved by the Minister of National Defense, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces.

The head of the programs’ preparation Department indicated that the girls, who would be enrolled in the various schools of the nation's cadets, could choose their track of studies after a prior educational training. 

"They have the choice of opting for their preferred line of study and can shift to another field, if need be”, he underlined.

The Directorate of the Schools of the Nation's Cadets  also underscored that the female students, due to be immersed in the cadet school’s training program, must be of Algerian nationality and must enjoy a good health condition, in addition to having reached the first year of secondary education cycle in the stream of Science and Technology.

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