O’Rourke: “We Are Poised To Accompany Algeria And To Back Up Its Economic Revival”

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icon-writer By: Hassan Merabet / English Version: Med.B.

The Ambassador and Head of the European Union Mission in Algeria, John O'Rourke, affirmed that Europe will continue to support and accompany Algeria at various levels, whether political, economic, social or cultural, within the framework of the Neighborhood Policy and the close cooperation ties existing between the two sides.

 During a ceremony organized in Algiers by the European Union, on the occasion of "Europe Day", Mr John O’Rourke stated,  in the presence of members of the diplomatic corps accredited in Algeria and other figures including the Minister of Labor, Employment and Social Security Mohamed El Ghazi, Minister of Post and telecommunications Mrs Houda Feraoun, Mr Ali Haroun, and former Trade Minister Amara Benyounes .. and other personalities, that the European Union is a major partner for Algeria and will accompany the country in all areas, whether in the economic, political or cultural spheres with on focus the achievement of mutual spin-offs.

“The European Union backs up the Algerian economy in accordance with the policy of neighborhood in order to give the relations between the two sides a special and distinctive character at the highest level while seeing to the promotion of mutual respect and mutual trust”, he underscored.

Mr John O’Rourke also underlined that the European Union had followed with great interest and keenness the recent legislative elections in Algeria and would accompany the Algerian institutions in order to made them achieve sustainable development.

"The European Cultural Festival coincides this time with the celebration of Europe Day in Algeria (an annual celebration of peace and unity in Europe), which is witnessed by all EU member states on the 9th of May each year," he noted. 

The same official highlighted the outstanding role of peace, democracy and freedom in the development of societies and called for their protection, their defense through the participation of all and sundry. 

"Welcome to the House of Europe, and thank you for joining the European celebration," he said. "Warm Thanks to Algeria ! It is a wonderful country that I have keenly discovered since I‘ve landed here”, he added.

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