Morocco Makhzen: "We Decided To Respond Firmly To Algeria Provocations"

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icon-writer Abdessalam Sakia/English version: Dalila Henache

Moroccan government said it decided to counter any provocation that the Kingdom could face in the Sahara issue, in conjunction with what it alleged as "daily harassment by the eastern neighbor".

Makhzen returned to the "language of intimidation" that it used against Algeria, and Morocco government spokesman, Mostafa El Khalfi, said, on Thursday: "The situation of Morocco in relation to the national issue is a progressive offensive situation in the framework of the firm policy that is led by King Mohammed VI ".

"The recent developments in the Sahara conflict, particularly the UN Security Council resolution of April and the report of the Secretary-General calling on Algeria and the Polisario to resolve the conflict have made the conflict regional rather than bilateral,which is a transformation to the need to work realistically, which came after 2006, which refers directly to the proposal for autonomy."

Statement of Morocco government spokesman carries many lies, especially concerning the number of countries that recognize the Sahara Arab Republic as a full-fledged country, which includes Latin America and all Africa but five countries, claiming; "We are facing concrete elements and the process of withdrawing recognition of the Polisario will continue, and today there are 37 countries, 18 of them are at the level of Africa, and they recognize the imaginary entity, after the number was about eighty". 

"General framework is the firm policy that is based on that there is no empty chair", claiming that; "any harm against Morocco will receive the response and this firm decision will continue under the leadership of the king, and government mobilization as well".

El Khalfi spoke about the crisis of the Guerguarat in the Moroccan-Mauritanian border, saying: "There is a terrible defeat for opponents of territorial integrity at the level of the Security Council. We will confront any provocation, and this is a guiding line, because the Sahara issue unified Moroccans and responsibility is not easy".

Morocco, which is living in difficult internal circumstances, is exporting its problems to Algeria through the policy of "creating tension", a term which was used by Minister Ramtan Lamamra when he summoned the Ambassador of Rabat because of his country's lies that Algeria expelled 54 Syrian refugees to the Western soil, an information that was denied by Algeria and refuted twice by official reports that confirm that the Moroccan authorities deported dozens of Syrian refugees to the Algerian territory in the past few days.

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