Nordine Ait-Hamouda: "I Am Against Asking France To Apologize For Crimes In Algeria"

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icon-writer Rania.M/English version: Dalila Henache

In a press conference that was held in Tizi-Ouzou (eastern Algiers), the MP and former leader of RCD Party, Nordine Ait-Hamouda, revealed that he is against asking France to apologize for its crimes in Algeria.

"Algerian authorities should formulate an explicit law that is criminalizing colonialism."

He also revealed his participation in the upcoming electoral dates, including the 2019 Presidential Elections saying; "I will not ally in the current parliament, in which we have two seats, with the opposition parties, especially the traditional ones and that dominate the political front in the kabylian region, considering the talk about the establishment of a political party is currently premature".

Former RCD leader refused to transfer the institution that bears his father's name, which he founded immediately after his dismissal from RCD, to a political party, saying that it was premature. 

He also refused to ally himself with the opposition parties in the National People's Assembly, especially the old parties in the Kabylian region, preferring to continue the course of the struggle away from them, while he criticized the results of the legislative elections, which he considered as results that directly challenge the legitimacy of the parliament, which is in fact - in his opinion - a loss of legitimacy since 1997, asserting that the distribution of seats in parliament came in a suit that was allowed by the system for itself through creating a strategic dualism between parties that are loyal to it and the Islamic parties, which he called as the pet, through the distribution of dirty money.

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