Criminal Cell Smuggles Hallucinogens From France In Pills Boxes

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icon-writer Nouara Bachouche/English version: Dalila Henache

Algiers security services overthrew an international criminal cell that smuggles SUBUTEX drug that is classified the third most dangerous drugs after the heroin and morphine.

International criminal cell contains 9 people, including 3 immigrants, who smuggled this drug from France to Algeria by land and air through blood pressure and diabetes pill boxes, after they bought them with 5 euros then sold them in the high-end and popular neighborhoods for youth and pupils in Algiers and Bejaia cities, and a range of provinces with amounts ranging between 5.000 and 1200 DZD per pill.

Details of the case, as revealed, on Wednesday, by the Police Brigadier, Tarek Ghallab, head of the Eastern Province Anti-Drugs Division of Algiers Judicial Police and Security Services, is relate to the activity of a dangerous international cell that smuggles hallucinogens thar are classified as hard drugs, as members of the criminal cell smuggle them through Houari Boumediene airport, and by sea through Algiers port.

"A plan was prepared to arrest the traffickers and seize 60.000 hallucinogens, as 70% are SUBUTEX pills, at Houari Boumediene airport and at the port of Algiers. The operation resulted in the arrest of nine people, including 3 immigrants and 3 other convicts".

"Preliminary investigation shows that the detainees share the roles in the management and supply. Immigrants collect the hallucinogenic pills in French health centers, and purchase them from pharmacies before smuggle them either by ships or planes in the baggage or pills boxes for patients with dementia and diabetes or inside the cigarette packs to camouflage the security services, before distributing them for promotion in Algiers, Setif and Bejaia", as reached by the anti-drug squad.

It was also found that the members of the criminal cell buy the drug pills for 5 euros to sell them in high-end and popular neighborhoods among teenagers and schoolchildren with amounts ranging from 5.000 to 1200 DZD for one pill, because these pills, especially SUBUTEX, which is very serious and have the same effect of heroin and morphine, and which are classified in the third box after cocaine and cannabis.

According to the police chief Ghallab, the financial value of the reserved discs exceeded 205 billion centimes, while a judicial record was issued against the members of the cell, and they were brought before the public prosecutor of Dar Beida Court, who in turn ordered their detention in Harrache penal institution.

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