Fella Ababsa: “Maghrebian Artists Don’t buy Or Sell In Dollars”

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icon-writer By: Rabah. A./ English Version: Med.B

In an attempt to break the undue siege imposed on her, Algerian artist Fella Ababsa announced through her account on "Instigram" her contract with a Lebanese production company called "Arabia Book".

Fella Ababsa said in the same publication that she will present with the company a complete album to start with the release of a "Single" due after the month of Ramadan, and announced the upcoming recording of a song in a duet with the artist Adel El Iraqi saying it will be a mix between the Iraqi dialect and the Algerian dialect.

"Sultana Al Tarab" was published a few days ago by a video on its YouTube channel, in which some of the people who are striving maliciously to “extinguish” her real talent castigated her, she said, from some satellite TV channels such as Rotana and MBC. As these lame critics have been banned from appearing on their screens. 

She also asked amateur programners to respect the people of the Maghreb and to choose their representative in the jury committees from the Maghreb countries, adding that she will campaign to urge viewers not to follow these channels. 

Amateurs who have attributed the Algerian heritage to non-Algerians and misrepresented it: "We are the artists of the Maghreb "We do not buy dollars. You imposed a blockade, and this is not a problem, but to harm my country's heritage is what I never allow”, Fella Ababsa underlined.

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