Ismail Chergui: “There Are Around 60 Million Weapons In Troubled Libya”

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icon-writer By: Abdeslem Sakia / English Version: Med.B

The Peace and Security Commissioner of the African Union, Ambassador Ismail Chergui , said that the smooth implementation of the Skhirat agreement signed in December 2015 to end the crisis in Libya was being hindered on the ground.

He also revealed that over 60 million weapons are presently circulating in strife-torn Libya, notably advanced weapons in the hands of various rival factions who have even become stronger than regular armies.

"There are a lot of covert foreign interventions coupled with weapons smuggling, and there are now around 60 million pieces of arms in troubled Libya," he said, as he was referring to the security situation now prevailing in the African continent. 

The Commissioner for Peace and Security defended the role of the African Union in resolving the Libyan crisis, in light of the ongoing conflicts and the conflict of interests between the major powers.

He pointed out explicitly that the covert interventions of a large number of parties in the country are meant “to preserve their vested interests in the southern neighbor and not because they like the Libyans, on the opposite”, he asserted.

He further confirmed that the Libyan crisis is "an African problem," and reported that he’d monitored elements of the nefarious terrorist organization "Daesh" who fled from Iraq and Syria, in both Somalia and Yemen.

Furthermore, the African Union Commissioner for Peace and Security Smail Chergui underlined that there no military solution was possible to the Libyan crisis, favouring a peaceful solution through inter-Libyan dialogue.

"We should say clearly that no military solution is possible to the current crisis in Libya. We should also encourage all those who seek a peaceful solution and stand clearly against those who are impeding peace efforts," Mr Chergui  stressed to this effect.

He also stated that the AU is not oblivious of Libya, another current hot spot in the African continent, and pledged that the AU would continue to support peace efforts in the North Africa country.

As a country that has assisted many African countries in the past and with huge investments on the continent, Libya should be assisted to regain peace so that it resumes its development process, Mr Ismail  Chergui  added.

"If the situation remains like that in Libya, then our efforts will have been in vain. We need a stable and peaceful Libya, a country that has its salient place in the region," he underscored.

As for the Moroccan renewed adhesion to the African Union, in light of Rabat's insistence on breaking the African structure under the pretense of not recognizing the Sahrawi Republic, the Ambassador preferred to provide "diplomatic" answers to the questions raised in this regard. 

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