Moroccan Immigrant Tries To Destabilize Algeria Bac Exams From France

date 2017/06/11 views 422 comments 0

icon-writer Rania.M/English version: Dalila Henache

Moroccan citizen Mohamed.R, who is a French resident, created a fraudulent site for the National Office of Examinations and Competitions, in order to disrupt the baccalaureate in Algeria.

Informed sources confirmed that the security services were able to find out the matter, on the first day of the baccalaureate exams, as the Moroccan national created the website to influence its good functioning.

Same sources added that the controversial site was created in France by a private communications agency called ODH, and the fake site that aimed to attack the credibility of exams and confuse it in order to repeat the 2016 baccalaureate scandal is, while the website is the original and correct location of the office, and an investigation is opened in the case and the identity of the Moroccan national is confirmed.

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