Arrest of 7 people trying to cross illegally into Algerian territory from Libya

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icon-writer Nouara Bachouche /*/ English Version: Med.B.

ANP Army elements arrested seven people who were trying to infiltrate the Algerian border from Libyan territory on Sunday, while the National Gendarmerie units, in the western provinces of Tlemcen and Oran, foiled an attempt to sink the western part of the country with more than 4 tons of drugs.

 According to the statement from the National Ministry of Defense, an ANP army detachment thwarted an attempt of infiltration into national territory of two four-wheel drive vehicles with on board seven people of African nationalities who were hailing  from Libyan territory. 

The National Gendarmerie’s roving patrols also  rounded up 37 illegal immigrants of different nationalities in Tlemcen and Adrar and seized a large quantity of narcotics following information received by the local Gendarmerie services about the imminent drug smuggling operation.

In Sétif, (eastern Algeria), the National Gendarmerie managed to seize more than 38,000 explosive devices in two separate operations. The loads were in the possession of two smugglers. The first one was on board a taxi moving from the city of El Eulma towards Sétif. 

The second arrested smuggler was on a bus In Batna, the Gendarmerie’s local patrolling unit stopped the suspected person after having found on him the large quantity of chemicals.

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