In His Foreign Mission, PM Tebboune Represents President Bouteflika in Addis Ababa AU Summit

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Prime Minister Abdelmadjid Tebboune said on Monday in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) that the implementation of the institutional reform of the African Union (AU) "has proved to be a complex exercise, punctuated by objective obstacles which require progressive and consensual care, so that ultimately Africa as a whole will be reinforced "by these reforms”.

"However, beyond the goodwill of departure, the implementation of this vast project of reforms proved to be a complex exercise, marked by objective hurdles which require progressive and consensual care," said Mr Tebboune during the meeting of consultations of the Heads of State and Government devoted to the examining of strategic and priority issues and held before the official opening of the 29th session of the AU summit.

That is why "it is now up to us to give ourselves the necessary time to study all the aspects related to the implementation of the institutional reform measures of the AU, making the necessary adjustments and corrections in the framework of a global approach involving the largest possible number of member states, "added Mr. Tebboune, who represents the President of the Republic Mr. Abdelaziz Bouteflika at the 29th AU summit.

The Prime Minister affirmed that the process of institutional reform of the AU, like any major work, "must evolve under appropriate conditions of mobilization and increased commitment of the member states".

Such an undertaking "can only be achieved through a realistic approach that reconciles the imperatives and objectives of reform with the real contributory capacities and the specificities of the Member States of the African Union", he explained.

He said that Algeria, while reiterating its commitment to the concept of reform, suggested that "particular attention should be given to the need to maintain a solidarity and consensual approach throughout this process so that, in the end, Africa as a whole is strengthened by these salutary reforms ".

The Prime Minister recalled that since its launch in July 2016 in Kigali, the process of institutional reform of the AU has set itself the objective "to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of our continental organization while safeguarding the principles, objectives and core values in the founding texts of the AU and the Organization of African Unity ".

“This noble objective of giving our Pan African Organization a central role and at the same time remaining faithful to the founding principles of our Union must be pursued in a resolute manner and with deep conviction in the capacity of Africa to allow it face up efficiently to the challenges of the day," he noted.

He pointed out however, that the reform of the AU "cannot mean a transformation that would call into question the flagship principles of Pan-African construction and the fundamental balances on which African construction is based."

"The decision we adopted last January, here in Addis Ababa, made it possible to define the strategic framework of the institutional reform of the African Union and to move forward in its realization," Mr. Tebboune underlined.

He also stated that Algeria "supports and endorses" the appeal made by Rwandan President Paul Kagame, who submitted a report on institutional reform to AU members "to fully honor their statutory financial commitments".

Algeria "would also like to give its full support to the proposals made with regard to maintaining the political status of the Heads of State and Government of NEPAD as a catalyst and a framework for leadership in guiding our partnership activities and programs" , he went on to say.

He further commended President Kagame's commitment to continuing interacting with member states in order to make the necessary adjustments in the implementation phase of the institutional reform measures of the AU.

During his stay in Addis Ababa, Mr Tebboune is slated to hold, on the sidelines of the AU summit, a series of talks with a number of African Heads of State and Government and to attend a host of meetings focusing on ways of "harnessing the demographic dividend through fresh investments in hopeful African youth".

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