Zitouni: the ball is in Macron’s court

date 2017/07/03 views 495 comments 0

icon-writer By: Abderezzak. B. / English version: M. A.

Algerian war veterans’ minister Tayeb Zitouni Monday said the ball is in French President Emmanuel Macron’s court to overcome colonization issues.

“Algerian-French commissions will resume their work in September on archive, resistants’ skulls, nuclear experiments and missing people,” said the minister.

Speaking about talks on those issues, Zitouni believes that the “ball is in France’s court if it wants trustful relations between the two countries. It should solve those issues because relations depend on them.”

Asked about France’s new President Emmanuel Macron, the minister said “Algeria expects something concrete.”

This comes as Macron described 132-year colonisation of Algeria as acts of barbarism.

Zitouni described Macron’s remarks as “courageous,” saying his ministry held consultative meetings with the foreign ministry to re-launch those issues.

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