Algeria Armed Forces Uncover Local Military Industries

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icon-writer Mohamed.L/English version: Dalila Henache

Algeria uncovers, in the Military Industry Fair on the occasion of the 55th anniversary of Independence and Youth Day, for the first time the models of self-propelled, homemade truck-mounted artillery systems.

According to the Algerian website "menadefense", the National People's Army (NPA), exhibited for the first time homemade military equipment at Algiers Martyrs monument at Algiers Riad al-Fath.

Latest statistics of global fire power showed that the Algerian armed forces rank 26th worldwide and third in the Arab world, after Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

For years, Algeria manufactured local military and combat equipment, as part of a policy that was in place for years to achieve self-sufficiency in weapons and equipment, in a move that aimed at reducing defense expenditures and become an exporter of arms.

Brigadier-General, Mimouni Benadji, who is in charge of the Ministry of National Defense's Military Manufacturing Directorate, announced in 2012 on joint projects between Algeria and Germany that would allow them to acquire radar detection technology, tactical communications and night observation equipment.

Another project was launched in late 2013, through the establishment of a joint Algerian-German electronics manufacturing plant.

Algeria's military industry chief, Major General, Rachid Chaouki, announced in 2013 on plans to produce heavy-duty four-wheel vehicles to cover the needs of the army and to establish a base for electronic defense systems.

Among these projects there is the Algerian-UAE partnership to produce four-wheel-drive military vehicles, in which the Directorate of Industry of the Ministry of National Defense announced plans to produce 40,000 of this type by the end of 2018, with 25% of the production that is destined for export to African countries.

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