Abdelaziz Bouteflika: "Algeria Is Ready To Build Equal Partnership With America"

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icon-writer Mohamed.L/English version: Dalila Henache

Algerian-American relationships developed steadily in recent years thanks to several mechanisms, President Abdelaziz Bouteflika said on Tuesday, expressing Algeria's readiness to strengthen economic partnership with Washington.

In a congratulatory message to Donald Trump, on the Independence Day, Bouteflika said: "I take this opportunity to celebrate the level of our bilateral relationships which are growing steadily in recent years thanks to the various mechanisms that we have put together for dialogue and cooperation in the political, military, security, economic and trade fields".

President Bouteflika added: "I also assure you that I am fully prepared to work with you to build a strong and equitable economic partnership based on optimum utilization of the opportunities and enormous capabilities of our economies to serve the interests of both".

"On the occasion of the USA's Independence Day, I am pleased to express to you, on behalf of Algeria, the people, government and self-image, my warmest congratulations with best wishes for your health and happiness and for your people and your country for prosperity and well-being".

"Algerian-American friendship was founded on the unconditional support of the governments of the two countries for their people's struggle for freedom and independence", he concluded.

"It is a happy coincidence that the Algerian people celebrates the National Independence Day after the United States commemorates its Independence Day".

President of the Republic expressed his "hope that the international community will find the determination and inspiration in its quest to overcome the serious challenges that are facing it, led by terrorism and violent extremism that threaten our societies and the values of tolerance and peaceful coexistence between peoples and nations".

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