New Giant Vessel To Ferry 2,000 Passengers To Europe In Two Years’ Time

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icon-writer Said Batoul /*/ English Version: Med.B.

The National Maritime Enterprise for the transport of passengers has entered into negotiations with the Chinese side for the acquisition of a new mega vessel that is slated to enter into service by the end of 2019 with a loading capacity of 1,800 passengers and 600 vehicles.

On the sidelines of the working visit to the port of Algiers by transport minister Abdelghani Zaâlane on Tuesday, the Director General of the National Maritime enterprise for the transport of passengers, spoke of advanced negotiations with the Chinese partner specialized in the field of shipbuilding in order to acquire a large ship with a capacity of 1,800 passengers and 600 cars.

The official told “Echorouk” that a Chinese delegation will visit Algeria next week in order to finalize the agreement. 

“The relevant contract will be signed in September, after completion of all aspects related to the quantity and quality of the achievement. The construction period is expected to take 26 months with the mega vessel due to be received by 2020, and it will be used instead of the passengers’ ferry boat Tariq bin Ziyad, which will be diverted to the internal lines”, he added.

The same official mentioned the opening as from Wednesday of the Oran-Alicante and Algeria-Bejaia shipping lines for the benefit of travelling passengers. 

He pointed out in the same context to the programming of 324 round-trip flights through 5 vessels during the same period, indicating 100% sales of the Barcelona-Skikda shipping line had already been booked.

Such a shipping line was inaugurated on the 26th of June with the setting up of 40% discounts on tickets compared to the rates applied through the Tunis-Genoa line.

“The electronic transit voucher, which allows for a reduction in waiting time for passengers at the border crossings, has been introduced to curtail the waiting period by 80 per cent of the time of the customs procedures for the single passenger”, he further noted.

In so doing, the passengers can thus enter the electronic website of the customs site to record and authorize the various information about themselves and their personal property, straight from their homes or during the trip, before their arrival at the port of destination. 

The Customs Assistant shall accordingly collect the information through the registration number of the transit visa and complete the procedures in less than 5 minutes.

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