Bouteflika presents outcome of 18-year-ruling

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icon-writer By: Abderezzak. B. / English version: M. A.

Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika’s letter on the Independence Day embodied what looks like an official outcome of his ruling in many fields.

“Eighteen years ago, I became your guide inspired from your trust. We have rebuilt what was destroyed and built more. We achieved progress in many fields. Dear fellows, we did it together. I will cite some of those achievements as a proof,” said the letter.

“A concrete economic progress has been made. GDP increased five times. Millions of jobs were created. Unemployment decreased by 1̷ 3,” it added.

“During that period, people benefited from more than 3 millions and 500,000 houses. About a million new houses are built,” said the letter.

Speaking about education, President Bouteflika said there is a million students. University infrastructures network was extended to reach all the provinces in Algeria.

Poverty rate was reduced and minimum wage was increased three times, according to the President.

As for politics, the letter said “A new People’s National Assembly was elected this year. It will work with the cabinet to continue concretizing the important axes cited by the amended Constitution.”

Speaking about security, the President said “the National Popular Army should be praised for its performance and sacrifice spirit.”

“I praise the efforts made by our armed and security forces in our borders to ensure the safety of our country,” he added.

Bouteflika believes that Algeria “faces an economic fall in its foreign incomes although it maintains its sovereignty in its economic and social decision.”

He called on everyone to be mobilized to achieve economic reforms to overcome this situation.

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