Morocco King Greets Algeria On Independence Day

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icon-writer Imane.A/English version: Dalila Henache

Morocco King Mohammed VI expressed his country's keenness to work together with Algeria to "strengthen brotherly relationships between the two countries and consolidate bridges of rapprochement and fruitful cooperation".

In response to the aspirations of our two brotherly peoples for a bright and promising future, King Mohammed VI said in a congratulatory message to President Bouteflika on Wednesday, on the occasion of the 55th anniversary of the independence of the Arab Maghreb Union, as an effective and effective framework to face the various security and development challenges facing it. Region".

King Mohammed VI said in a letter of congratulations to President Bouteflika on Wednesday, on the occasion of the 55th Independence Day:  "This concern comes in response to the aspirations of our two brotherly peoples for a bright and promising future and to contribute to the establishment of the Maghreb Union as an effective framework to confront the various security and development challenges that are facing the region".

On this occasion, he recalled: "With all pride, the sincere brotherly solidarity that is shown by our brotherly people throughout their heroic struggle for liberation and independence, in fulfillment of their common bonds of unity, unity of religion, language and destiny".

Both President Bouteflika and the King of Morocco exchanged greetings on the national days of the two countries, even at the height of the tense periods in the relationships between the two countries, and the congratulations of Mohamed VI to President Bouteflika come this time in the context of the Algeria-Rabat line that is noticing in recent weeks tension that reached the limit of summoning ambassadors.

In a provocative move, Morocco summoned the Algerian ambassador in Rabat last April because of allegations by the Moroccan Foreign Ministry and International Cooperation that 54 Syrians tried to enter the country "illegally" from Algeria and accused Algeria of forcing them to cross into Morocco, but Algeria responded quickly to the Moroccan provocations and issued a detailed statement on the incident, refusing to make of a humanitarian issue, such as the file of the Syrian refugees, a file question file or to use it for political trade.

Moroccan Foreign Ministry summoned the Moroccan ambassador to Algeria and expressed its rejection of the accusations. 

She even announced that she received the families on the border, in a move that attracted the approval of several countries and human rights organizations, but Morocco returned to the policy of intransigence and refused to hand over the families to Algeria. 

Observers think that the Syrian refugees issue was just an incident to divert attention from the events that were taking place in rural Morocco for months.

Moroccan provocations against Algeria did not stop, as Rabat accused Algeria of alleged security laxity and lack of coordination with it, according to Abdelhak Khayyam, Director of the Central Office of Judicial Research, which is affiliated to the Moroccan Internal Intelligence (DST), which considered that "the Kingdom of Morocco, and in context of the fight against the phenomenon of terrorism in the region, has several bridges of cooperation with all the countries of the region, whether the countries of the northern Mediterranean or the Sahel African countries, but there is a black point in this cooperation, and it is Algeria ", Morocco claims.

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