Guessoum: we reject ideological and doctrine expansion

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icon-writer By: Boudjemaa. B. / English version: M. A.

Chairman of the Association of Algerian Muslim Scholars Abderezzak Guessoum said summer university was held in parallel to Algeria’s Independence Day celebration in response to scepticism about the association’s past.

“Summer university this year is special as it coincides with the Independence Day. This to show the importance of the association’s revolutionary past,” Guessoum told journalists.

“We wanted to bring young people to the university to seek scientific and realistic solutions for crises and overcome difficulties,” he added.

Asked about Shia network expansion, Dr. Guessoum said “we are against any kind of different expansion. As Sunni doctrine’s followers, we accept all the doctrines and ideologies except those who consider us as enemies or want to impose their beliefs on us.” 

“Sunni doctrine is the base of all the doctrines. We do not accept to shake our religious convictions and faith in Maliki Sunni doctrine,” he added.

Speaking about a controversy raised following recent reforms in the education system, Guessoum told Echorouk “our association presented a correctional method which includes all the errors in the minister’s education programs. We will print a book to present it to public opinion.”

Asked about aid convoys to Gaza, the association’s chairman said “things are going on according to the plan. The convoy will arrive to Port Said in mid-July. We have guarantees from Egyptian authorities that the convoy will arrive to Gaza in good conditions. Our Palestinian brothers need help. The convoy contains medical equipment, medicines, food and blankets.”

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