What Does Macron Offer Algeria On Independence Day

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icon-writer Mohamed Moslem/English version: Dalila Henache

What Macron's France was able to grant to Algeria on the 55th Independence Day was just a memorial to the lives of six Algerians who were shot dead by French police in Paris on July 14, 1953.

The memorial was inaugurated last Thursday at the "Place de la Nation" in the heart of the French capital by the Paris Deputy Mayor in charge of Memory Affairs, Catherine Vieu-Charier, as the victims, who were part of the protests by supporters of the Movement for the Victory of Democratic Freedoms (People's Party), used to organize their protests in Paris since 1953, according to French historians.

This is what Algeria has achieved on its Independence Day in the era of French President Emmanuel Macron, who said in February of this year in Algiers, as he was preparing his campaign for the French presidency, that the "French colonialism is a war crime and a crime against humanity."

This French "simple" reaction on Algeria Independence Day, which is not the first of its kind, came just one day after President Bouteflika sent a message to his French counterpart, reminding him of the promise he made when he was a candidate for the French presidential elections. So was it Macron's response that this "attention" is the maximum allowed by the balances within the deep French state?

Previously, Bouteflika called on, in a letter which he addressed to the Algerians on the occasion of their Independence Day, Paris to recognize what he described as the "tragedies" that were caused by the French occupation of Algeria and Algerians over 132 years, and considered this demand a right of Algerians and a manifestation of "preserving memory", asserting that the demand does not call for "hatred and conflict" but rather clarifies the existing partnership between the two countries and makes it more harmonious".

What is remarkable is that the incident which is concerned with the commemoration is not one of the events of the revolution, but it is back to what preceded it, and the martyrs who were killed, did not belong to the National Liberation Front, which led the war against the French occupation, but from the sons of the second version of the People's Party (the movement of victory), which was headed by the late Messali Hadj.

Leaked data reveal that politicians in Paris, using the French historians, were trying to search for an incident that symbolized Algeria in the era of the liberation revolution, but they found that all the events that took place during the revolution on the French soil were commemorated in one way or another, such as the events of the Seine in Paris, On October 17, 1961, where hundreds of Algerians were drowned after being handcuffed and shot by the police of Maurice Papon and others, as they only had to send a signal to the Algerian party concerning the memory, on a historic day that is not like any other date.

It becomes clear that Macron, this young politician, did not realize the size of the complexities that characterize the Algerian-French relationships, when he launched the unprecedented statement about the French occupation of Algeria, as he is unable - at least until now- to reflect what he promised, and just stop at the lines that were drawn for his predecessors Hollande and Sarkozy, unless he was targeted by this exciting statement, to seduce the Algerian community to win their votes, and this was warned by political parties at the time.

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