Algerian Universities Include Russian Language Specialization

date 2017/07/07 views 381 comments 1

icon-writer Ilhem Boutheldji/English version: Dalila Henache

Higher Education Ministry included, in anticipation to the 2017 baccalaureate graduations, the Russian language in addition to a number of foreign languages ​​that are available in Algerian universities such as Turkish, Italian, German, English and French.

As part of the Ministry of Higher Education's efforts to improve university specialties, especially openness to the outside world, this year, according to the 2017 baccalaureate, as the Russian language will be taught at the University of Algiers 2 and the University of Oran 2, and priority for choice will be given to the Foreign Languages ​​Division, the Division of Arts and Philosophy, mathematics, technical sports, experimental science, management and economy, as the ministry did not require the acceptance rates, but the candidates are arranged according to the capacity of absorption in the university, taking into account the geographic departments that are identified by the ministry to join two universities.

Higher Education Ministry proposes to the holders of the baccalaureate of the Foreign Languages ​​Division, in the Italian language specialization at Blida University 2 and the University of Algiers 2, and the University of Annaba as well, with the requirement of more than 11 in the Italian language exam.

Students who hold a 2017 baccalaureate can study Turkish at the University of Algiers 2 and Emir Abdelkader university in Constantine, and the Spanish language is intended for holders of baccalaureate in foreign languages, provided that the rate is larger than 11 in English, and the same procedure will be applied for the French language specialization in 46 universities.

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