No maritime line for passengers between Algeria and Saudi Arabia

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icon-writer By: Said Batoul / English version: M. A.

Studies conducted by the National Enterprise of Maritime Transport for Passengers showed that a planned line between Algeria and Saudi Arabia will cost a high budget. Because of that, Algerian authorities banned the project.

Echorouk has learnt that the government’s decision to ban the project is part of its endeavours to optimize public expenses. The financial crisis caused by oil prices fall still threatens Algeria’s economy.

According to the same sources, transports ministry banned the project to avoid any new losses to the Public Treasury. Algeria’s maritime fleet contains three ships only. Because of that, the National Enterprise for Maritime Transport for Passengers rented two new ships to cover the increasing demand.

Earlier, former transport minister Boudjemaa Talai had an agreement with Saudi commerce minister to launch studies and open a maritime line to transport goods between the two countries. The idea to open a maritime line to transport Algerian pilgrims to Holy Places had also been suggested.

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