Bernard Emié: "France Is Ready To Go Far With Algeria"

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icon-writer Abdessalam Sakia/English version: Dalila Henache

France is ready to go far with Algeria, and we know that Algeria also wants to progress with us in this direction, the former French ambassador to Algeria, Bernard Emié said.

The diplomat, who was appointed director of foreign intelligence added that 7,000 Algerian students are enrolled in French higher education institutions during the past 12 months.

"France is ready to go far with Algeria, and we know that Algeria also wants to progress with us in this direction. This means that exceptional relationships that link both countries will develop more and more", he wrote in an editorial for the French embassy's magazine "Binatna" in July, at the end of his three years of service in Algeria. 

"I am proud that, in my capacity as ambassador within three years, I have been able to contribute to the writing of a glorious page of our common history. In the future, we must be more ambitious and seize all the opportunities that are available to us".

He expected an extraordinary partnership between Algeria and France, and quoted President Bouteflika as saying: "Relationships with France can be good, and can be bad, but they will never be normal". 

"Since independence, bilateral relationships have never been as strong and as good as today. We can through determination and commitment to achieve our many projects, hand in hand, in the interest of the stability of the region and in favor of cooperation in the Mediterranean and in the interest of our peoples as well", he added.

French diplomat Bérnard Emié cited the aspects of cooperation between the two countries, in the fight against terrorism: "When France faced terrorist attacks in Nice, Saint Etienne, Rouffray and Paris, Algeria expressed its full solidarity with France. The friend is in need and in a time of trouble, and we are working together more than ever before to combat this scourge, and in this field the cooperation between our two countries is outstanding".

In the economy, the former ambassador said: "The development of several fruitful partnerships with the aim of contributing significantly to the process of diversifying the Algerian industry and accompanying the courageous economic decisions that were taken ... France is moving to remain in the first row of Algeria's economic partners and to continue its investments and work with SMEs".

As for the 7,000 Algerian students who enrolled in French higher education institutions during the last 12 months to continue their studies and then return to Algeria, Emié said: "France is proud to provide a building block for the vital and ambitious youth of Algeria" .

"A branch of the international secondary school, Alexandre Dumas, would be opened in Oran and Annaba, with the French Institute being reorganized in these cities".

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