Desert Warriors' Coach Lucas Alcaraz Receives € 60.000 Monthly

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icon-writer H.K/English version: Dalila Henache

National Football team coach Lucas Alcaraz receives € 60,000 a month, which exceeds 1.1 billion centimes in national currency (110.000 DZD) on the hard currencies exchange black market, which is a huge sum given the size of the Spanish technician, who is leading the desert warriors for first time, having spent more than 20 years in his coaching career in the second and third grades Spanish clubs.

The real salary of the successor of Belgium coach Leeknes was uncovered by the head of the Algerian Football Federation (FAF) Khireddine Zatchi, at his press conference on Saturday, a reality that is known to the sports' public for the first time, in contrast to all what he said when the FAF signed the contract with this Spanish coach about his monthly wage, as he said that it does not exceed  € 35.000.

Zatchi also revealed that Alcaraz assistants receive 5,000 euros for each of them, including the Spanish technicians, assistant of coach Jesus Canadas, fitness coach Miguel Angel Campos, or Algerian expatriate goalkeeper Aziz Bouras, who was brought by Zatchi subsequently, waiting for the appointment of a local assistant coach for Alcaraz, without talking about the wages of the medical staff and the rest, so the cost of technical staff salaries of desert warriors may reach the limit of € 100.000, or about two billion centimes.

On another subject, Zatchi asserted that the match between Algeria and Zambia for the fourth round for the World Cup 2018 qualifications in Russia, is scheduled for September 5, and it will be held at Constantine Hamlaoui Stadium (eastern Algeria).

Head of the FAF said he consulted with the players and technical staff and they did not object to the idea, adding that a technical committee was sent to Hamlaoui Stadium, to examine the pitch and its report was positive.

"The national team belongs to Algerian people and everyone has the right to follow it closely, not only the capital's residents".

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