Amnesty International: "Ouyahia's Statements About Africans Are Shocking, Scandalous"

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icon-writer Abdessalam Sakia/English version: Dalila Henache

Amnesty International Algeria office described the statements of the General Secretary, Ahmed Ouyahia, about the Africans as "appalling and scandalous", as Ouyahia expressed displeasure at the influx of African nationals to Algeria, considering it a cause of spreading crime, drugs and social phenomena.

"Such statements incite racism and negative discrimination against Africans".

 Amnesty International said in a statement, on Sunday: "These people fled war, violence and poverty. They came to Algeria seeking peace and security, and it is our responsibility to welcome them in accordance with international conventions that are signed and ratified by Algeria".

Ouyahia made statements contrary to the government's approach to dealing with the issue of Africans, especially with the large-scale campaign in social networks that demanded the deportation of Africans as "a source of crime and disease" .

"We do not tell the Algerian authorities to throw the Africans into the sea or the desert, but we call for residence in Algeria under legal regulations so that the Algerian people will not live in chaos", the General Secretary of RND party told the media. 

He added: "The entry of Africans in this way, results in the aggravation of the phenomenon of crime and drugs, and the introduction of many new social phenomena in our society".

In his presentation of the government's program a few days ago, Prime Minister, Abdelmadjid Tebboun, announced that he would take measures for the benefit of Africans, and therefore, their residence would be legalized in Algeria, where the police and gendarmerie departments will fully count all the displaced persons.

Prime Minister revealed that each refugee who is present in Algeria is accepted, and he will have the opportunity to work, while the others will have an understanding with their countries in order to deport them to their country in the same way government deals with Niger and Mali, explaining that "it is the best way to solve this issue".

"We do not need to smear the image, because there are people who want to distort the image of Algeria and to show it as a racist country. We are not racists, but Africans, Maghreb and Mediterraneans".

"African continent and the Arab world represent the natural extension of Algeria and its growth and development. The moral and humanitarian duties oblige us to extend a helping hand to these brothers who were displaced by the scourge of poverty and wars".

"We should not deny the hands that extended to us when we were in the scourge of wars and blood".

"This situation generated special difficulties in particular at the level of some border states, but they were not dealt with carefully by the various security services, and the national bodies are working for assistance and aid under diplomatic coordination with the African countries to frame the process of deporting their nationals on the basis of bilateral agreements".

"A radical solution to this problem should achieve stability and resolve conflicts in the region through peaceful political tracks that guarantee the unity of nations and the sovereignty of peoples. This is what Algerian diplomacy seeks to reach in a number of Arab and African files".

"In dealing with the file of displaced Africans, we must not use emotions in the security side". 

"We will not allow anyone, an association or a citizen, to tarnish the reputation of Algeria on the grounds that Algeria is African but oppresses the Africans. We will fight these claims by all means".

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