Traders’ Association Requires Strict Norms for Vehicle Assembling Activity

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icon-writer R. Mellah /*/ English Version: Med.B.

The National Association of Traders and Craftsmen called for a review of the conditions of the factories for the assembling of cars, in order to reduce the import bill, through the control of accurate measures, especially with respect to the percentage of the integration rate of the national product and the setting of the price of vehicles.

The National Association of Traders and Craftsmen, in a declaration issued by its executive office on Sunday, commended the recent decision taken by the Government of Prime Minister Abdelmadjid Tebboune regarding the review of the book of specifications regulating the vehicle assembling activity in Algeria. 

This entailed frank statements by the Minister of the Sector Mr. Mahjoub Beda, who affirmed that the percentage of integration rate for this vehicle assembling activity in Algeria did not reach the percentage level desired by the Government. 

The Association thereby demanded the drafting of a stringent book of conditions that compels car assembling entrepreneurs to duly respect the rate of integration of the national product in this field of endeavor.

On the other hand, the Association headed by Mr. Taher Boulenouar called on the employers’ organizations to assume their full responsibility in slashing the country’s import bill and upgrading the national production under the three conditions of competition, quality and prices, in line with the Government’s ongoing policy, while calling for spurring the salient role to this effect of the country’s chambers of commerce and industry.

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