Extension Of Validity Of 7.5 Million Disused Post-Office Smart Cards

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icon-writer Hassan Houicha /*/ English Version: Med.B.

The Minister of Post, Information and Communication Technologies refused to end the validity of the old post-office smart cards that were expected earlier this month to go into disuse.

 The Ministry stressed that the old smart card will remain valid until all customers receive their brand-new smart cards.

According to the minutes of the last meeting of the Board of Directors of the Postal Corporation of Algiers, which dates back to 4th June, the cash director of the institution Mr. Rachid Benazouz in his presentation of the status of the new post-office smart card known as "gold", pointed to the issuance of two million new smart cards already received by their owners with on focus an estimated production rate of 30 thousand smart cards on a daily basis.

Mr. Benazouz said it was clear that the task of making the smart cards (old and new) operating on the same system on the same automatic distributor of banknotes would be impossible to investigate, and therefore decided to terminate the validity of old post-office smart cards automatically by the end of June 2017 (last month), in expectation of the launching of the modernization of the Automated Distributors Securities (GAB) to make it correspond to specificities of the new "Gold" smart card.

In this connection, the Minister of the Sector Ms. Houda Imène Feraoun issued firm instructions not to cause any disturbances to the customers of Algeria Post during the smooth transition from the use of the old post-office smart card to the new “gold” one.


She stressed that the process must be based on a gradual shift to ensure that all customers of Algeria Post already have a new card (gold) and work on the transition and move towards a new solution in the best conditions.

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