Minister: investigation opened on imam’s burial in mosque

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icon-writer By: A. S. / English version: M. A.

Algeria’s religious affairs minister Mohamed Aissa Sunday said an electronic portal will be open soon to enable pilgrims’ families to keep up with them. Saudi authorities will offer Electronic cards will be offered free. They will be replace e-bracelets which raised a large controversy and cost an additional budget to pilgrims.

“Haj will cost 496,000 DZ this season. It is he lowest cost compared to other countries,” the minister told a press conference in Algiers.

Speaking about Algeria’s quota in terms of pilgrims, he said a census of population in Algeria will be taken in 2018. “Then, we will hold talks with Saudi Arabia’s haj minister and will reach a quota adequate to the number of inhabitants.”

Algeria’s quota has been fixed at around 36,000 pilgrims since 2013.

Asked about the burial of an imam at a mosque in the province of Chlef, Aissa said reports show that he was buried on the sidewalk next to the mosque. “The prefect gave an instruction to open in investigation on the issue.”

He announced that two legal texts will be promulgated before the end of 2017 for actions in mosques. This is meant to protect mosques from trends which are not in conformity with Algeria’s national reference.

A Group for Islamic Fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence) will be officially set up before December 2017. It will gather Fiqh scholars and academics of different specialties. They will present their research to Fatwa institutions which consist in provincial scientific councils, the National Scientific Council and the Islamic Higher Council.

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