Algeria Armed Forces Rank 24th Among The most Powerful Armies Worldwide

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icon-writer Rachid Chouikh/English version: Dalila Henache

Algeria National People's Army ranked 24th among the most powerful armies in the world, in the ranking of the magazine "Global Firepower" that is specialized in defense affairs, while its ranking among the Arab armies was the third after the Saudi army with a single rank, while the Egyptian army continued to rank on the list of the strongest Arab armies and ranked tenth in the world, while the United States maintained its ranking as the strongest army in the world before China and Russia, respectively.

According to the edition of the American Journal of Defense and Strategic Affairs, the National People's Army has 525,000 fighters and 272.000 reserve soldiers, of the total of more than 20 million people who can be a fighter within the ranks of the second strongest army in Africa, as the Algerian Air Force, according to the same report has 502 pieces, including 89 fighter jets, 99 attack jets and 257 helicopters, in addition to other equipment that is belonging to the Air Force, which is the most important standards to measure the strength of modern armies.

USA maintained its first ranking according to the standards of this publication that is specialized with 0.0857, followed by Russia, China, India and France. 

In the Islamic countries, Turkey ranked 8th worldwide, Egypt 10th, Pakistan 13th, Indonesia 14th, Iran in 21st, Saudi Arabia 24th and Algeria 25th, while the Moroccan armed forces ranked 54th, and Israel ranked 15th among the 176 participating armies.

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