50.000 DZD Financial Contribution For Each Employee In Education To Spend Vacation Abroad

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icon-writer Nachida Kouadri/English version: Dalila Henache

Employees and staff of the education sector will benefit from a financial contribution of 50.000 DZD to take advantage of family trips for the summer vacation to three destinations, while a contribution of 30.000 DZD will be given for summer camps for 10 days.

Head of the National Committee for Social Services, Moustafa Ben Ouiss, told Echorouk that the 50 state committees for social services set up a program to organize "summer camps" for the employees and workers of the National Education sector. Each employee will benefit from a financial contribution of 30.000 DZD for a 10-day summer break with the family, with the remaining amount being paid by a person in one of the coastal areas that are chosen by the state commission.

"These summer camps attracted this year more than 100.000 beneficiaries who are distributed across the entire national territory.

Chief official of the National Committee for Social Services said that the state committees have also programmed tourist trips abroad to three countries, namely Tunisia, Morocco and Turkey.

"Selection of these three destinations was based on a preliminary study that is prepared by the National Committee in coordination with the state committees, where the "wishes" of employees and workers were taken into consideration according to their purchasing power. Each employee will receive a financial contribution of between 20.000 and 50.000 DZD million maximum, depending on the destination and the beneficiary pays the rest of the cost of the trips".

In terms of services that are provided during the foreign tour, Ben Ouiss explained that it is subject to the conditions book that is signed by the travel agencies. 

"There are agencies that provide catering and accommodation services. There are agencies that provide only one service, stressing that a large number of employees prefer summer camps on foreign trips, as they fit their purchasing power".

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