Import Of "Dollars" From Abroad Without Prime Minister’s Consent

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icon-writer Imène Kimouche /*/ English Version: Med.B.

The Government withdrew the exclusive jurisdiction of the Joint Commission charged with the import license file and required the prior approval of the Prime Minister for all products on the import list as part of a new procedure to impose further rationalization of expenditures and curtail the country’s imports.

The Joint Committee, composed of representatives of 3 Ministries, as well as the Customs Services and the Bank of Algeria, was the first and final decision on the list of the non-automatic import licenses. 

In accordance with the Decree of 2015, the Government decided to emphasize the process of granting licenses and distributing import quotas for the materials and products concerned. 

Henceforth, it is imperative to require the Prime Minister's personal approval of the lists worked out by this joint committee, and based on a relevant assessment report drafted by the Ministry of Trade.

To this effect, the Executive Decree No. 17, 202, specifies the conditions and modalities of applying import / export licensing systems for products and goods published in the latest issue of the Official Gazette. 

According to the Trade Ministry’s report, non-automatic licenses may be introduced, with licenses being granted by the minister responsible for trade on the basis of the report of the joint committee and after the endorsement of the file by the Prime Minister.

The Committee is headed by the representative of the Ministry of Trade and the rest of the members as identified in the decree of 2015, as well as a representative of the ministerial sector on the product to be subjected to the licensing system.

 where the sector does not have a permanent representative at the Committee level.

The list of materials on non-automatic import licenses includes 11 industrial types, the most important of which are tourist vehicles and special vehicles notably ambulances, trucks, in addition to some types of wood, iron and cement. 

The list also includes 12 kinds of food products, mainly cheese, bananas, barley, lemon, meat, and cosmetics.

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