Algiers International Cars Show 2017 Is Cancelled

date 2017/07/11 views 406 comments 0

icon-writer Nouara Bachouche/English version: Dalila Henache

The 20th edition of Algeria International Cars Show is officially cancelled this year, Tayeb Zitouni, General Manager of SAFEX, told Echorouk on Tuesday.

“The 2018 Cars Show will be restricted to Algerian-made vehicles”.

“Last meeting which I held with car dealerships confirmed the impossibility of organizing the Algiers Cars Show in September, because they are unable to participate due to the lack of releasing the import licenses that are frozen since next November, despite the Industry Minister spoke about 25.000 vehicles.

According to the spokesman, the depletion of the majority of the dealerships, this will not affect 25,000 vehicles in changing the available data and cannot contribute to the readiness of the agents.

With the cancellation of this international deadline, the authorized dealers will face additional losses, as the event is considered as an important promotional station for the participating brands, which achieved annually a significant number, thanks to the sales that are recorded in the days of the show, and the order files after the closure of this event.

On the other hand, Zitouni revealed that the edition of the Algiers International Car Show for 2018 will be Algerian, especially with the units that have already started the production, such as the factory "Renault" in Oran (western Algeria), which produces Symbol, Sandero and Hyundai plant in Tiaret (western Algeria), and the German Volkswagen, which will make the 2018 edition of the International Car Show with an Algerian "flavor".

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