World Economic Forum: Marseille links Algeria and Morocco instead of their border

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icon-writer By: Abderezzak. B. / English version: M. A.

The World Economic Forum criticized Algeria and Morocco for keeping their land borders closed as it stops Maghrebin integration. It said commercial exchanges between the two countries are conducted through the port of Marseille instead of passing by land borders.

The Forum described the Maghrebin Union as one of the worst commercial blocs in the world in terms of performance. Commercial exchange between its five nations represents only 4.8 percent of their trade volume. 

According to the Forum, opening land borders between Algeria and Morocco is one of the solutions to that problem.

It also believes that Maghrebin nations can achieve integration and increase GDP by 5 percent. If they liberate services and reform investment rules, GDP will go up by 43 percent in Algeria, 27 percent in Morocco and 24 percent in Tunisia.

Algeria closed its borders with Morocco in 1994 after Rabat had imposed visa on Algerians.

Rabat has been calling for opening the borders. Algeria showed readiness to open the borders provided that Morocco solves many issues including drug trafficking.

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