Algeria Gives A Good Example Of Embracing Refugees

date 2017/07/12 views 391 comments 0

icon-writer S.A/English version: Dalila Henache

Algerian Red Crescent launched a solidarity convoy for Saharawi refugees, which includes 206 tons of food aid, in response to the emergency appeal that was recently launched by this body.

Head of the Algerian Red Crescent, Saida Ben Habiles, said Wednesday that this initiative comes within the framework of "spontaneous and normal solidarity of the Algerian state towards refugees, and it comes following the registration of a significant shortage of food".

"State's policy towards the Saharawi refugees who are present on its land for more than 42 years remains stable and is derived from its religious and cultural values".

For his part, Yahia Bouhbini, Head of the Sahraoui Red Crescent said: "This solidarity convoy reflects the established traditions of Algeria, which was the first country to respond to our appeal, and we warned against the depletion of the reserve stock of some basic food stuff".

 "International community should follow the example of Algeria, which is giving a great example of embracing all displaced people".

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