Illegal Immigration: Algerian Disabled Arrived To Sardinia With His Comrades

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icon-writer Hassen Houicha/English version: Dalila Henache

An Algerian disabled illegal immigrant from Annaba (eastern Algeria) reached the Italian island of Sardinia on a small boat with seven other people, as public opinion of the island and members of the Italian gendarmerie Carabinieri were surprised and they took him directly to a clinic for medical treatment.

According to the official Italian News Agency ANSA, the gendarmerie received a call from Italian citizens in the area of ​​Carbonia, south of Sardinia, reporting the arrival of a boat at 8:30 pm, on Wednesday, to discover when they arrested them, the presence of a person with special needs was in a wheelchair with a medical file, in addition to the device for artificial urination.

According to the same sources, the victim was taken to Carbonia hospital for medical treatment and is still in the process of receiving further medical examinations, while his friends were taken to the reception center, that is known as the Assemini Center.

Four other illegal immigrants were arrested on Tuesday after they arrived in the same island and after being reported by Italian citizens, where they managed to reach the beach without objection by the Coast Guard, police or gendarmerie "Carabinieri".

Secret immigration route between Annaba and the island of Sardinia came back strongly this year, as it was preceded by a period of calm for years, and the number of arrivals that was recorded by the Italian authorities last year, reached more than 1200 illegal immigrants, the Italian Ambassador to Algeria Pasquale Ferrara, said in a previous interview with Echorouk.

According to local media in the Italian island of Sardinia, the Algerian illegal immigrants who arrived in the first six months of the current year, reached more than 600 people in the midst of Italian political demands on the island for their country's government to find a solution to this clandestine migration axis with the Algerian authorities, and to launch joint monitoring patrols if necessary.

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