MSP and National Construction Movements Hit Out Against Saudi Ambassador‘s Hamas-Related Statements

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The Movements of the Society for Peace and National Construction vehemently criticized the statement made by the Saudi Ambassador in Algeria, in which he described the Palestinian Hamas movement as a terrorist organization, stressing that such a statement is "unacceptable" and “cannot be tolerated”.

"When the Saudi Ambassador accuses the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) of being a terrorist organization, and on the land of resistance and Martyrs, this cannot be tolerated," Nasser Hamadadouche, head of the parliamentary bloc of the Movement for a Peace Society, wrote in a statement.

"The Saudi ambassador should respect the feelings of the Algerian people towards the central issue, a doctrinal issue that reaches the degree to which the late Algerian President Houari Boumediene declared that Algeria always stands with Palestine whether it is unjust or oppressed," he said.

"We call on the Algerian foreign ministry to summon this ambassador and alert him to the seriousness of these statements on the land of Algeria, which are unwelcome statements and positions," Mr Hamdadouche further underlined.

For his part, the Secretary-General of the National Construction Movement Ahmed Aldan said in a reaction that "the Saudi Ambassador was expected to take into account the general feelings of the Algerian people, while being free in the position of his own country, but diplomacy has its traditions that cannot be exceeded, adding that the resistance to the occupation of Zionism in Palestine by the Palestinian liberation movement was committed to the revolution of November 1954 and its glorious Martyrs, against the brutal occupation”. 

"We expect the Algerian foreign ministry to summon the Saudi Ambassador posted in Algiers to inform him of Algeria's unflinching position in support of Palestine and Al-Aqsa intifada, stressing that "this unacceptable statement by the Saudi diplomat is an attempt to drag Algeria into a tight corner," as he put it.

The Saudi Ambassador’s statement was also severely lambasted on social networking pages notably on Facebook, drawing sharp criticism from commentators.

"The Palestinian Hamas Movement was, and still is, in the eyes of the Algerian people, a revolutionary Islamic resistance that intersects many of its principles with the principles of the glorious November Revolution," wrote to this effect numerous commentators.

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