Ghazal Engaged In Negotiations With Management of AS Roma Club

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icon-writer Ali Bahlouli /*/ English Version: Med.B.

Algerian international football player Rachid Ghazal is currently negotiating with the management of the AS Roma club, hoping to join the Italian team in the current summer transfer market.

Rachid Ghazal, aged 25, is in a state of no obligation after his contract with Olympique Lyon of France expired on 30th June 2017.

But Ghazal’s  negotiations with the AS Roma administration remain stalled, as the two sides do not agree on the payoff, like salary and grants as the latest Italian press reports put it. 

The management of Olympique Lyon has offered Ghazal an annual fee of 3.6 million Euros, but the Algerian international refused to renew his contract with the French club. 

This means that Ghazal is demanding from  the administration of AS Roma a greater financial package in order to join the Italian squad.

The former Algerian international player Abdelkader Ghazal is the one who negotiates on behalf of his brother Rachid Ghazal, together with another French "Manager".


The AS Roma team has been placed second in the overall standings of the Italian championship (2016-2017 Version), and will play the European Champions League next season.

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