Hamas: “We’re At Forefront of the War in Defending the Holy Land”

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The Palestinian Resistance Islamic Movement (“Hamas”) based in the Gaza Strip, denounced the recent statements made by the Saudi Ambassador to Algeria, Sami Saleh, in which he accused the Movement of "terrorism".

The Hamas movement said in a declaration on Thursday, "we express deep regret and indignation, because of the untoward statements made by the Saudi Ambassador in Algeria who made inflammatory remarks against the movement and described it as a terrorist organization".

The Hamas movement and the forces of the Palestinian resistance consider that "these unacceptable statements are alien to the values and principles of our Arab and Islamic nation and to the strategic depth of the Palestinian cause,  spearheaded by the steadfast defense of the Holy Land”.

Hamas called on Saudi Arabia to stop such offending remarks, which it said were "offensive to the kingdom, its history and its positions on the issue, and the legitimate rights of the struggling Palestinian people" .

The Saudi Ambassador in Algeria said in a press statement earlier this week in Algiers that Hamas was classified on a "terrorist list" by Saudi Arabia, adding that its leaders were planning “terrorist attacks” from their stay in five-star hotels in Doha, Qatar.

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