Iraq Ambassador To Algeria: "Number Of Algerians Within ISIS Is Few"

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icon-writer Abdessalam Sakia/English version: Dalila Henache

Iraq's relationships with Algeria are "strong and excellent", Iraq ambassador to Algeria, Abderahman Hamed al-Husseini, told Echorouk, on the sidelines of a meeting with media, on Wednesday, at his residence in Algiers, to assess the situation on the ground after the announcement of the liberation of the city of Mosul.

"There is a great security cooperation between the competent bodies in both countries. ISIS ended forever in the capital of al-Rashid after the liberation of Mosul".

"Iraq and Algeria have almost identical positions on regional issues. I salute the wonderful initiative of President Bouteflika, who ordered the deployment of six military planes that were carrying supplies and medicines for displaced people in Mosul. On behalf of the Iraqi government and people, I thank Algeria." 

Regarding the file of Algerian prisoners in Iraq, which is still stuck since years ago only, the ambassador added: "Iraqi file is maintained by the Algerian and Iraqi Ministries of Justice. For his part, Algeria's ambassador in Baghdad is following the file day after day".

"Iraq has fought on behalf of the world, and we crushed the most dangerous terrorist organization, and ended the organization from existence and forever." said Ambassador Al-Husseini. 

"The organization was formed of recruits from 100 countries, and the religious reference - the fatwa of the Shiite cleric Sistani - has a prominent role of the fight against the organization through the fatwa of Jihad Sufficiency that he launched and that was answered by all Iraqis".

The spokesman said in response to a question concerning the presence of Algerian elements in the organization in Mosul; "it must be emphasized that the terrorist elements do not represent their countries, and I do not know that there are Algerians, may be there are one or two, and certainly the number does not exceed the fingers of one hand."

He did not confirm or deny the information that was circulated about the killing of the organization's leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

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