Hamas senior members want to settle in Algeria, says Abu Zahri

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icon-writer By: Abdelhamid Ottmani and Abdesselam Sakia / English version: M. A.

Sami Abu Zahri, an official spokesman for the Palestinian Islamic Resistance, called on higher authorities in Algeria to offer more aid to the Gaza Strip. “The land of martyrs is the first hope to support the resistance and the Palestinian people,” he said.

Sami Abu Zahri said Hamas’ leading members want to settle in Algeria. “Resistance men have the honor to be hosted in the cradle of revolution and freedom.”

He held the President of Palestinian National Authority in Ramallah for the regression of human conditions in Gaza.

“The sanction procedures imposed on Gaza cause a slow death to more than 3,000 ill people. They suffer because transfers, medicines and medical equipment are banned,” he told Echorouk in an interview.

He added that Hamas decided to be close to Mohammed Dahlan’s group to reduce the suffering of residents. Yet, he denied any political alliance with him.

No alliance with Dahlan

Sami Abu Zahri held President Mahmoud Abbas responsible for the rapprochement between Hamas and Mohammed Dahlan’s bloc. 

“Abu Mazen is behind what happened. We gave a big priority to relations with him but he fights Hamas,” he said.

He added that the idea is to reduce sufferance in Gaza. “So, it is not a political alliance. It is cooperation to protect the Palestinian situation from political individualism. It is not neither against Mahmoud Abbas. The priority will remain the correction of the relation with him. He is responsible for what happening now.”

Abbas kills 3,000 people with cancer in Gaza

Sami Abu Zahri described the human situation in Gaza as “difficult and unprecedented. “The issue was turned to a real death from an embargo due to sanction measures taken by President Mahmoud Abbas against people of Gaza.”

According to the activist, Abbas wants to raise a conflict between Gaza’s residents and Hamas.

“The occupation is responsible for the sanction measures but there are some procedures conducted by the Palestinian Authority. Employees’ salary was reduced. A total of 40,000 workers are not paid. Medical transfers are banned,” said Abu Zahri.

“The Palestinian Authority banned foreign aid. There are 3,000 people with cancer. They need to go abroad for treatment but the Authority does not allow them to leave Gaza,” he added.

Hamas’ senior members get visa to Algeria within hours only

Sami Abu Zahri said he applied for residence in Algeria. “The resistance leading members have the honour to be in Algeria.”

“Getting a visa for Hamas’ senior members takes only few hours. In other Arab countries, it takes more than two months,” he added.

Speaking about Algeria’s support to the Palestinian resistance, he called on Algerian people to do their job towards their brothers in Gaza.

“I call on the Algerian Authority to intervene to distribute aid equally between Gaza and the West Bank,” he added.

He also said he had called for building a hospital in the name of Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika.

The resistance is stronger than 2014

Sami Abu Zahri showed optimism over the ability of the resistance fighters in Gaza to face any Zionist attack.

“The resistance is relatively in progress compared to the past. It is much more better compared to the al-Kassam Battalions’s capacity during the 2014 attack. The occupation should be very aware of this. It should think very well before planning any military attack on Gaza,” he said.

“The problem is not in the resistance’s readiness but it is the people’s support. Gaza remains the resistance’s castle. There are no concerns about any possible successful conspiracy,” he added.

Abu Zahri: if we were terrorists, we would not receive a hearty welcome in Algeria

Sami Abu Zahri said remarks made by Saudi Ambassador to Algiers are “isolated.” This comes as the Ambassador described Hamas as a terrorist movement.

He showed dissatisfaction over the Saudi diplomatic position. “Those remarks accuse the resistance and acquit the occupation. If Palestinians are terrorists, so Algerians are. “Such remarks should not be made in Algeria because they criminalize Algiers as well.”

“If we were terrorists, we would not have been here in Algeria. This is our response to those who accuse us. Hamas wants toe establish strong relations with Saudi Arabia,” he said.

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